Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Parent free

Mum & Dad left yesterday on a 2 week trip to London. While it has been great having them here & they have been a great help, it's nice also for Tom, Joshua & I to have some time to ourselves. This has also meant that I have been home alone with Joshua during the day for the first time. This has gone well, though I do miss sometimes not having an extra pair of hands around. Like yesterday when I didn't get to have lunch until 3pm, cause Joshua wouldn't sleep or stop crying unless I was holding him & walking around (even in the sling). In the end I just had to put him down & let him cry while I got some lunch.

I'm Hungry Mum

That seems to be what Joshua has been trying to tell me with all his screaming. Last week the health nurse came for her regular visit & I mentioned how unsettled Joshua had been... screaming for hours on end & feeding almost constantly (when not screaming of course!!). She suggested that this along with the fact he hadn't gained very much weight could suggest perhap I wasn't producing enough milk & to try supplementing with formula. Well it seems to have worked. He has been much more settled this week & no screaming, just the normal unsettledness periods of a 1mth old, & he has gained 350g. Of course it does mean I now have the hassle of washing & sterilising bottles, & carrying bottles, formula & all that when we go out. But it's worth it for a more contented, healthy baby.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Focus on the positives

Well this week has been the total opposite of last week. Joshua has been very unsettled, especially in the evenings. He cries almost uncontrolably from around 6pm til 10, 11 or 12pm. Fortunately then he seems to sleep quite well the rest of the night, only waking every 3hrs to feed. But during the day he takes a while to fall to sleep & wakes frequently. He also doesn't sleep on his own very much, so most of the time someone has to be holding him. But despite this hardship there is one positive...I get lots of exercise with all the walking up & down the hallway, & am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I also get to give Joushua lots & lots of cuddles!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2009 week on

Well it's a week today since Joshua was born. We are slowly getting to know & adjust to each other. He's quite a good baby really...just eats & sleeps (though he does have his moments every now & then!) Nighttimes aren't too bad either. Sometimes he has a little trouble falling asleep at the start, which makes for some late nights. But after that he normally only wakes every 4hrs & falls straight back asleep. Feeding has been a little bit of a problem as he has trouble latching on properly & I am very sore, but it is getting a little better.