Wednesday, 28 July 2010

See what I can do

Joshua has finally learnt to drink from his sippy cup by himself. We have been trying to teach him to do this for months & then suddenly on the weekend he picked up the cup himself & drank.

He is also getting more confident at walking & can now walk only holding on to one finger quite well. However he's yet to have the confidence to go completely alone.

He's also become quite a climber. Loves going up & down the stairs in our new house. Climbs up
& down off the sofa by himself. Can often be found standing on the garden chairs, up in his
stroller, in the basket under the stroller/pram, or sitting in drawers.

Strawberry Boy

Joshua takes after his mother & LOVES strawberries. If there's a strawberry in sight he will want to eat it...if there are lots he will gorge himself on them until made to stop. He has even figured out where they come from & will crawl to the strawberry patch & pick them himself. He also knows only to pick the red ones!!!!

Catch Up

Finally we have phone & interenet connection again. It only took them 4 weeks to switch one little button. So now I'm doing a bit of a catch up on blogs.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Three at Once

This week Joshua has cut three teeth all at the same time!!! Needless to say it has been a rather unsettled time, with lots of crying, sleeplessness & general crankiness.