Sunday, 30 January 2011


Today was the day my little "Gertie" should have been born, but it wasn't to be. 
When it first happened I wrote this poem, & I'd like to share it now.

Though we never knew or saw you, we loved you just the same.
The day we heard you’d gone to heaven, I can’t describe the pain.
Bucket loads of tears flowed out, nothing could stop the tide.
And oh how my arms they ached, to hold you just one time.

I do not understand the reason, why God took you now.
But I know His ways are best, & that’s my solid ground.
He told me not to be afraid, for with me He would be.
Safe in the arms of Jesus now, one day we’ll get to meet.

Now you’re dancing with the angels, down the streets of gold.
Singing with the angels, and laughing at the sound.
Sitting at the feet of Jesus, who loves you so much more,
Than Mummy ever thinks she could, I’ll say farewell for now.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

So it's my turn

Unfortunately I could run from it no longer & it caught up with me. I have now also had a dose of the vomiting bug. Spent all last night unable to keep even the smallest amount of water down. Feeling slightly better this evening, but still not able to eat much.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This evening I got a clear lesson in just how much our kids observe & then imitate us. Josh & I were sitting in his room playing when suddenly he grabbed a vinyl bag that was there and ran out the room waving bye bye. Half a minute later he came back through the door, said hi & kissed me. It took me a minute or so (& a few repeats) for me to realise he was acting out Daddy going to work & coming home. (The first thing Tom does when he comes home is come & give me a hug & kiss).

Kiss progression

Joshua has now started saying "mwah" when he gives someone a kiss...still working on the lip pucker though.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


This is the latest addition to my exercise program. They have just started a class at our local Activity Centre. Last week was the first class. It was fun, though not sure if it's exactly for me. Due to it being based on Latin dancing there is a lot of movement with the hips which I can't do too much of due to my back problems. But there were a few elderly ladies there that had to take it carefully too. So I think I'll give it a go & see how it goes.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy Spew Year

We welcomed in the new year with me holding Josh over the bath & Tom with his head over the toilet, both losing the content of their last meal of 2010. Both had got the rather severe tummy bug that is going around at the moment. Needless to say not much sleep was had (1/2hrly visits to the toilet & 3 cot & PJ changes), & they were both pretty washed out for the next couple of days. Both seem to be almost back to normal now & as yet I seem to have managed to avoid it.

Christmas 2010

Running a bit behind as usual, but thought I would still give a little comment on how we celebrated Christmas this year.
It was the big Nygaard family Christmas this year, so with a few extra ring ins we were 20 gathered at Tom's parents. As usual the day started with us all gathering for breakfast. Then in anticipation of everyone having HUGE appetites, Bo had ordered a 16kg turkey, which due to the extreme cold weather over night was still as frozen as when he had put it in the garage the night before to thaw. So it was prepared & put in the oven straight after breakfast so it would be ready by dinner.

Our usual Christmas tree hunt was almost a disaster this year as they were very popular & by the time we got there, there weren't very many left. But eventually we found one & were able to hop back into our cars & head back home to thaw out.

To go with the turkey for dinner we had Ris alamanda (in which Tom found the almond for the second year running), followed by turkey, brown potatos,salad, boiled potatoes & gravy. Then it was time to work off all the Christmas eating by dancing round the Christmas tree, before opening our presents & off to bed.