Saturday, 29 May 2010

Going into business

After a long process that started almost 6mths ago & increased in intensity the last month, I have decided to start making & selling baby toys. I'm starting out small with just TagCubes & Blankies, but hopefully over time will be able to expand to other items. At the moment I'm just focusing on building up a stock & sending out a few feelers to judge interest, as I'm also in the process of packing & moving house. But after we're settled into our new house I hope to launch my business "MadeByAlly" on Facebook.

Loaded Baby Toys

I decided to put my first couple of TagCubes for sale on the equiv, of Ebay. Problem was I didn't get Tom to proof read my disciption first & was selling Toys made out of different green & blue drugs!!! Oh dear. No wonder they weren't selling real well. Though just as well they hadn't attracted the wrong clientel...or worse the law inforcement agencies.

The French Connection

Perhap it is true all that stuff about prenatal experiences affecting babies. The other day I discovered Josh happily chewing away on...a snail. Needless to say I was horrified...once I identified what the muck was that I had extracted from his mouth. Fortunately there have been no ill affects to date.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

White Noise

Forget calming sounds of the ocean or lullabies....the best thing to fall asleep to (according to Josh) is...the mower.

He fell asleep while riding with Tom on the mower a couple of Saturdays ago. Then later in the week I was pushing him outside in his pram trying to get him to go to sleep without a great deal of success. Next thing the neighbour starts his mower & I think "great now I have bucklies chance of getting him to sleep, but promptly he fell asleep within minutes!!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

On it's way

Joshua's first tooth is on it's way through. I first noticed on Sunday when he was "licking" (biting) my finger & it was sharp. Then Tuesday we had an appointment with the Child dentist (an automatic thing here) & she confirmed there was one there. It is one of the ones on the bottom. It hasn't actually cut through the gum yet, but you can see the white tip. And as for all the fuss leading up to doesn't seem to be worrying him in the least. No more unsettled than normal (if fact I would say he's a little LESS unsettled), no disturbed sleep, maybe a little more drooling...but hard to tell. So all in all I thing it's going rather smoothly.

Friday, 14 May 2010

House Owners

We signed the contract on what will be our new home. It is still subject to lawyer approval (we see him Monday), but all going well we will take possession of it the 1st July.
If you are interested this is the real estate site for it.

For those not fluent in Danish
billeder = pictures plantegning = floor layout
Soveværelser = bedroom Køkken= Kitchen Bryggers = Laundry Bad = Bathroom
Værelse = room

Golden Fields

It's my favourite time of year again...when the raps starts to flower. There are just fields of gold everywhere.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Record wanted

I'm looking for a record. It goes something like this...No, no, no,no....No, no, no, no....No, no, no,no, no!

I don't mind if it's the English or Danish version. It could even be a mixture of both.

It would save my voice a lot. I could just put it on in the morning & let it run all day.

Maybe there's a robot that comes with the recording, then it could also save me running round the house all day keeping Joshua away from all the things he's not supposed to touch. Might be a bit of an expensive solution though.

Monday, 3 May 2010


I decided to do a bit of a price comparison between shopping online at the one supermarket that offers it, as compared to buying what I could at the cheap supermarket & only the specialty items at the other. This is how they compared

Online shop: 123,75kr - groceries
49kr - Delivery
6kr - bags

In person: 106,9kr - groceries
11 - petrol

So with just the items on my list I made a saving of 60,85kr or $12. However if you add the extra items I bought while in the shop then I only made a saving of 22,90kr or $4,58.

Into the 21st Century

Ever since coming back from Oz I've been wishing supermarkets would provide 'parent parking' & also sometimes wish I had the option of shopping online. Well in the last 2 weeks both my wishes were met. One of the big supermakets made 4 parent parking places available right near the door. This makes shopping much more pleasant as it used to take at least 10min to find a park & then it was usually the furtherest from the door & trolley bays.
Another supermarket began to offer online shopping, unfortunately it is one of the more expensive shops, & the delivery cost is quite high, so I don't think I will be using it much.