Sunday, 29 May 2011

Better Late Than Never

Yesterday we held our first ladies craft morning. It was a great morning of chatting, getting to know each other & catching up on craft projects that have been sitting neglected. My project was to start our wedding scrapbook. Yes it's only 5yrs behind, but now I've started I'm determined to keep going & get it finished. It's going a bit slow at the moment as this is my first proper attempt at scrapbooking, but I'm hoping as I get going it will become easier.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

If it's not one thing...

it's another.

Last week Joshua was not going to sleep at night without a 2hr or more long protest. We put it down to the upset in routine over the Easter (though I did notice his next 2 top teeth peeping through on Thursday). Well that settled down by the weekend, but now he won't have a bath. He simply refuses to come to the bathroom or get in the bath. This is very unusual for him as normally he comes running the moment he hears the water running & tried to jump in clothes and all.

On the plus side it's an absolute joy & pleasure to watch him growing & developing at the moment. Many laughs & entertainment. He is able to entertain himself more & more now, though also enjoying when Mum or Dad joins in the action. He's becoming very independent, wanting to do things by himself, including helping mummy water the plants, unlocking the door & putting lids on jars. He is also becoming a lot more aware/interested in things around when we're out walking or driving. His favourite things at the moment are, trucks/buses/vans/cranes/tractors etc (which elicit a loud exclamation of awe), trains (which are heralded by an enthusiastic "fooot fooot") & Bob the Builder (which he tries to say). All animals also attract a great deal of interest & appropriate noises made.