Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Holidays

Well the holidays are over now & it's back to the normal routine, so I have time to tell you what we did on our holidays. Tom took 2 weeks holidays (the week before Easter & Easter week). The first week we spent 5 days at Lalandia, a holiday resort on the south east side of Denmark. There are many activities to do at the resort itself, however only the aquatic centre & kids playland are included in the inital price. This suited us fine as they were the only activites that Josh could really do. Though he was very interested in the bowling, high jump trampolins & arcade hall. Being an absolute water baby he absolutely enjoyed the aquatic centre including going down the big waterslides with Mum & Dad. In the playland his favourite areas were the fire engine in the ball pit (he wasn't took enthused crawling or rolling in all the balls) & the Lego area. There was also a goat area where you could go in & feed & pat the goats. Josh also loved this.
One day we ventured out in the surounding area to do some sight seeing, but unfortunately most things hadn't opened again after winter & so the only thing open was a small crocodile farm that took us maybe 30mins to look around.

The second week was spent at home doing some work around the yard & helping Tom's dad remove 2 chimneys & repair the roof.

How time flies

Last Friday Tom & I celebrated 5 years of marriage. It was a quiet day spent enjoying the beautiful warm sunny weather we've been having at the moment & relaxing. In the evening with had a BBQ with a couple of family & friends.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Oh Poo!!!

Last night at Bible Study it wasn't just Joshua that needed a change of clothes. He hadn't done a poo for 2 days & it finally came last night...with a bang. Result? He had it from head to toe & I had it all over my pants. Just glad it was me & not someone else.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Watch out for the upper-cut

Tom should really be writing this, but seeing as he's not really into blogging & is super stressed at the moment I'll do it.

We finished our garden projects last weekend too late to make a trip to the dump, so Saturday morning we loaded all the garden waste, cardboard boxes etc into the trailer & headed to the dump. We had heard that it might be possible to pick up free compost there to fill our planter boxes with, but unfortunately our dump doesn't offer this service. It was possible however to take just normal soil that others had dumped there. So we did that, with the idea of getting some sheep manure from Tom's parents to mix with it.
On arriving home Tom backed into the drive-way & hopped out to disconnect the trailer. Unfortunately he misjudged the weight of the soil & the towbar flew up giving him a powerful upper-cut in the middle of the chest. While it momentarily winded him & most likely caused some brusing & straining, it thankfully didn't cause any broken ribs or serious injury.