Friday, 24 September 2010

Melted Heart

Joshua gave me his first REAL kiss today. He puckerd up those lips & planted one right on my cheek while I was pulling his pants up after changing him.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Swedish Holiday

Last week we took a weeks holiday in Sweden. We stayed in a summer house owned by Tom's cousin. The weather wasn't real favourable...rained everyday, but we did manage to get out a couple of days. One day we visited Laganland Elk Park. Unfortunately it was a bit of a rip off. One of the reasons we had chosen this park was they advertised having an indoor play area, however when we got there we discovered that it cost 80kr ($16) extra & the elk park consisted of one enclosed paddock with 5 elk. It was mating season so we couldn't pat them or feed them like the brochure said. We ended up paying the extra for the play area & Tom...I'm sorry, Joshua, had a great time.

Another day the weather looked a bit more promising so we decide to go on a cycle tour to see some historic sites. Assured by Tom it wasn't as far as it looked on the map, we set off. Well 30km later &
soaking wet we arrived back home. It was enjoyable though riding through the forest, but I was absolutely dead by the time we got home.

Things that go bang

At the moment everything goes "bang" or "boom" according to Joshua. He goes around the house all day saying it. Unfortunately it's not just toys going "boom" or the words being said. He has also literally gone "boom" at few times in the last couple of days. First he fell out of the shopping trolley while I was in trying some clothes on. This resulted in a nice big blue mark on his forehead.

Then we both went "boom" yesterday when I crashed the bike while trying to pass between a parked bike & a lightpost. This time is was me that came off worse, with a sprained wrist & ankle, impressive bruised knee & jarring. Joshua came away completely unscathed.

To finish the list, Joshua fell off the sofa last night while body slamming mummy (newest game, though mostly cushions or beanbag), adding one more mark on his forehead.

Hopefully this is the end of the literal "booms" & "bangs" & we can return to it just being a game.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Doctor Doctor

For the past week & a bit I have been running back & forth to doctors. Started last Monday with Josh's 12mth check & shots, then Wednesday it was my turn, which ended in me having to go to see a Dr at the hospital. Then Thursday I had to go back to the hospital for blood tests & consult. Friday I had an appointment to take Josh to the Dr again because of constant poos & extremely bad nappy rash, but cancelled as it seemed to be getting better. Monday I had a follow up with the Dr at the hospital. For some strange reason I have also had the Miss Polly song running through my head all the time. Hopefully we are all on the mend & won't be seeing a Dr for a while.