Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Garden Prep

Saturday was a beautiful day with sunshine & not much wind, so we spent most of the day outside in the garden. What did we achieve?
     * Hedge trimmed
     * Planter boxes contructed & positioned
     * Vege garden planned
     * Dafodils & crocus transplanted from the soon to be vege patch to other parts of the garden

Now I'm all excited & can't wait to start planting. Unfortunately we are still getting frosts over night so I'll have to wait a little bit yet.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

A tumbling down

To keep the excitement going in the trend of the week before (see "Only eyes for Mum"), last week I fell down the stairs. Again no serious injury occurred, just a few jarred joints & a well bruised upper arm.

Eyes only for mum

The other week at playgroup Joshua came running straight towards me...the only problem was he didn't see the table & ran full speed into the corner of it creating an impressive "table corner size" hole in his head! Fortunately it wasn't deep enough to require a trip to the dr (though if I wasn't a nurse I think I would have been rushing out the door to the A&E). He did have a sizeable size goose egg on his head for about a week & there is still a noticeable sore.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Life goes on

Finally I've managed to catch a few moments peace to update you on what has been happening recently. Let's hope I manage to get finished before being interupted.
Life seems to be slowly falling back into a routine after the Christmas/New Year period. We continue to go to playgroup once a week, which Joshua still enjoys imencely & I'm enjoying more as I finally make a few friends. Our monthly Bible study continues with more attending which makes for a bit more lively discussion. I have also just found out about & started attending an expat womens group.

Joshua is growing & developing at an unbelievable rate. It's a real pleasure & delight to see him gaining new skills. It is also a challenge to try & keep one step ahead of him (literally, he can just about out run me now & has learnt to dodge & change directions). He can climb up & down of all sorts of things & has learnt to use it to his advantage when wanting to reach something out of his reach. We have also definately hit the toddler years with a bang. It's seems almost overnight he developed a real stubborn determination to see just how far he can push the boundaries & testing what methods will & won't work. Language development is also going ahead in leaps & bounds with him trying to copy a lot of what he hears & acquiring new sounds & "words" almost daily. He loves making all the animal sounds, & just this week has also started saying "VROOM" when riding his trike or playing with his cars & trucks. One of the really delightful things to see developing is his eagerness to help with things. He loves helping to unload the dishwasher & even knows which cupboards & drawers things go in without being told. He is also a good helper with the washing & one day even collected a pile of towels I had left lying on the floor & put them in the machine!!
Well it seems my time is up for now. Will try & get back soon to tell a bit more.