Sunday, 20 June 2010


Not only has strawberry season begun but so has the fly season & once again my house is inundated with them. I certainly hope there are less of them at our new house.


Joshua is almost walking. Over the weekend he tried a couple of times letting go & taking a step, but just can't quite hold his balance yet.

He also almost has 2 more teeth, the top front ones. They haven't come through yet, but you can see them just under the gum.


Picked the first strawberries of the season on Friday, & not just 1 or 2, but a whole handful!! So Last night Tom & I enjoyed fruit salad (strawberries, banana & kiwi) & ice-cream...Delicious!

Friday, 11 June 2010


This is something I have been thinking about recently after reading my sister's blog on Stay at Home Mums (SAHMs).

In Denmark, one's identity is wholely linked to ones career. The cultural norm is that mums return to work 6-12mth after giving birth, & it's not very common for mums to work from home. So there is HUGE pressure to return to work & many assumptions/inferences applied to the very few that do decide to stay home. Comments I have had are that I'll become lazy & my kids will be spoilt. To which my reply is: 1) looking after a child 24/7 is by no means a walk in the park, & 2) if being there for my kids whenever they need me & providing for them is spoiling my kids then so be it. I certainly don't view it as the easy way out.

As a Christian we should ultimately find our identity in Christ, & therefore it shouldn't matter what others think. But thinking from a worldly point of view, why can't our identity be that we're a SAHM? It's as worthy a career as a nurse or an engineer.

Rough Week

Joshua has had a rough week this week, & therefore so have I. It started Sunday afternoon when he woke up from his nap very cranky & just not himself. Monday morning he woke up burning with a fever, not wanting to eat & lethargic. I took him off to the dr who said it was most likely a gastro bug. So the rest of the day Josh either slept or just lay listlessly on my chest (not at all like my little boy!!!). By Tuesday evening his temperature was back to normal & he was a little more willing to play.

Then Wednesday night he fell off the kitchen bench, flat on his back (yes I know what you're all thinking.) I'd only put him on the bench for a second to screw the lid on his bottle, & was standing right beside him. Anyway, it appeared no serious damage had been done so I just kept a close eye on him the rest of the night. Although there was no obvious injury, he a bit stiff & sore the next day cause he was whingy the whole day.

Thankfully today he is back to his normal full of energy, chirpy self.