Friday, 20 February 2009

There really is a baby

I went for my first ultrasound today, and now I have physical proof that there really is a baby in there. It may sound funny, but over the last 3 months I've found myself wondering sometimes if there really was a baby in there. I mean apart from the morning sickness, sore boobs & out of control emotions there's not really much else to see. But today was amazing!! There's a little person in there, with a head & arms & legs, and it's moving around even though I can't feel it. However as usual it had a mind of it's own & wasn't/wouldn't get into the right position for them to take the measurements they needed. Normally if this is the case they apparently would get you to jump up & down a few time to try & persuade it to move, but because of my back problems I was unable to do this. So I have to go back on Monday for another try.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Visit to the Earth Mother

Well that's literally translated what they call midwifes over here..."earth mothers". Yesterday was my first visit to mine. In Denmark it seem the midwife takes on more of the responsibility of doing the antenatal checks. You only see the Dr 3 times. at 1mth, 6mth & 9mth. Whereas you see the midwife nearly once a month. Anyway the visit went very well, it was more just a get to know you/information session. But it was good to find out the everything I'm feeling/experiencing at the moment is quite normal & to have some of the questions I had answered. Next time I go will be a group session, so I will get to meet other mums-to-be that are at roughly the same stage as me.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Paris Here We Come...

Eache year for our anniversary we take turns organising how we are going to celebrate it. This year it is my turn, but Tom had promised 3 years ago to take me to Paris one day. So the other week he said that if I organised it all we could go to Paris for 3-4days for our anniversary. It will also be our last chance to have a overseas trip together before the baby arrives. So I have been spending lots of time surfing the web trying to find the best deal of flight & hotels. The flights were pretty easy, but the hotel was a lot more difficult & stressful as most of the cheap ones didn't get very good reviews. It was also compounded by the fact that we have a budget of 5000kr all up for the trip. Anyway, finally I found a hotel last night at a reasonable price that had fairly good reviews. So now we are booked. Would gladly welcome any advice on attractions, food etc.

Winter Wonderland

We have had some decent snowfalls over the last week & it has transformed the landscape into a beautiful white.
Dartanian LOVES playing in the snow too.
There are more pics on Flickr

Monday, 9 February 2009

Half way over the hill

Well this weekend saw me celebrating my 30th birthday. I had a party on Saturday night with 25 of my friends from various areas of my life (school, Bible study, family). I was trying to have a bit of a BBQ theme as that is what I would have had if I'd been in Australia. So we ordered salads & BBQ flavoured chicken & pork´, & kebab sticks from a catering company. Then Tom & his mum made some cheesecakes for dessert. But with having to hold it inside as it was snowing & too cold outside, the atmosphere just wasn't the same. Though with 28 people crammed into our livingroom it certainly gave the warmth!!

Tom was full of surprises on the night. First he made a choc-peppermint cheesecake for dessert with 2 different layers. It turned out quite good & I think was quite a favourite as it disappeared quite quickly.
Then he had made a photo slideshow complete with speech bubbles/comments. It was quite funny & well put together. I will try to see if I can get it up on the net somehow so you can see it.
Finally he gave me a Nintendo Wii. Though I'm not sure exactly who that was most or him!!!
Then on Sunday (my actual birthday) all Tom's family came for breakfast. Then we had church & after lunch the whole afternoon was spent playing with the Wii.
All in all it was a very memorable & great 30th birthday.
I will post more photos of Flickr